Special Event Catering

Sometimes a regular catering event isn't enough. Sometimes you need to spice it up a little with our special event catering we can specialize your catering with themed recipes as well as decorations for the event.

Casarolls prepares delicious buffets, caters and plans special buffet-styled themed events!

Putting together special themes around buffets is what we do!, whether its business function with a beautiful Ice sculpture, a wedding reception with hand-picked flowers, a Christmas buffet decorated to the hilt, an outdoor birthday party for the children with a mini petting zoo or a party for no reason at all. Your guests will be impressed by your buffet theme and will remember for years to come! Casarolls can cater to any size group or party, providing an elevated level of service and exceptional fare.

Here are some ideas of special themed-styled buffet events that we can cater and plan for you:

Birthday Parties, wedding receptions, family gatherings, costume parties, clowns, business functions, conventions, outdoor parties, floral decorated buffets, funerals, children parties, turning 40 over the hill, flame throwers, ice sculptures, entertainment, music DJ's, actors, magicians, dance floor rentals, table linens, fancy dining tables and chairs,  video game stations, TV presentations, outdoor movie screens, projectors, outdoor catering tents, tall flower arrangements for dining tables, casino gambling tables and dealers, thanksgiving themed event, holiday parties, and Christmas decorated buffets. And any other special buffet theme you can dream of, we take great pride in working with the needs of each event, executing and delivering top-tier food and event services for you and your guests.

How Casarolls caters and plans your special buffet-styled themed event?

Start with a quick email to contactus@casarolls.net

Title subject line - Special themed buffet event for (your event name). After that, it’s an easy three step process!

Step 1

Simply let us know what type of event and certain theme you would like to entertain.

Step 2

Casarolls will then send you an event proposal with all the event details, pricing information and a catering agreement to your email. After your review and approval, you will press the large red button on the bottom of the special buffet themed Casarolls website page and click on (PAY FOR THEMED EVENT) and pay the exact dollar amount agreed to for the event in the catering agreement that you already approved.

Step 3

Pick the buffet dishes that you want on the buffet for your planned themed event from our current menu on our website and pay through the site. Select the same delivery time and date as the catering agreement above.

We work closely with professional meeting planners, hospitality representatives, event promoters and large organizations to plan and cater special events from concept through completion. With our extensive experience and a focus on catering special events, we are well-positioned to make your event a success.

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If you feel like you're ready to talk details about your event send us a message below. 

Invoice Payment

Once we finish coming up with your quote for your special event this will update with your quoted cost.